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Winderen Ported Mullen Mouth with Bit Guards
Winderen Ported Mullen Mouth with Bit Guards
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Winderen Ported Mullen Mouth with Bit Guards

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Ported Mullen Mouth with Bit Guards

While maintaining the characteristics of a regular ported mullen mouth, we've added integrated bit guards that are designed to stabilize the bit in the horse's mouth. It allows you to act not only on the jaw, tongue and corners of the mouth, but also on the cheeks.

Recommended for horses: with very sensitive mouth corners, misaligning the jaw while riding, having trouble turning.

A properly selected bit is the key to correct, soft and flexible communication with the horse. Choosing “the one" is often difficult for riders at all levels, because matching an eagerly accepted mouthpiece depends on many different factors. Each horse has its individual preferences, character and temperament, which the bit is designed to combine with the rider's skills so that the cooperation runs harmoniously, with full acceptance of the contact. However, with the implementation of training goals, changes due to the age of the horse, an increase in the level of pair’s skills or a switch in the type of training, another kind of bit might be needed.

Gel Bits System is based on a unique gel specially designed for our needs. This material is pleasant to touch, eagerly chewed and accepted by horses, and at the same time is distinguished by its extraordinary resistance to biting. The mouthpieces we offer vary in shape and flexibility, so that every rider can match the horse's needs.

We have encountered multiple situations when the horse perfectly accepted the mouthpiece, but the whole bit's action was too strong or too weak. Our befriended riders dreamed that it would be possible to change the cheek pieces in the horse's favorite bit. When designing our product we took these dreams into account and realized them in the form of the innovative Winderen Gel Bits System, making the process of selecting the best bit for your horse as easy as never before.

While creating the system of interchangeable cheek pieces and mouthpieces, we wanted to maximally facilitate and optimize the process of selecting a bit, and then simplify its adaptation to the changing needs of the pair. Our system allows you to connect any mouthpiece with the entire range of cheek pieces offered, which gives you unlimited possibilities to modify Winderen bit.


Please note that all non-metal items are susceptible to chewing, this is not covered by any kind of warranty, to help with choosing the correct Winderen item for your horse please see the below links from Winderen themselves or give our advisers a call if you are still unsure if the item would suit your horse.


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