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Estreamz  Equine Bands
Estreamz  Equine Bands
Estreamz  Equine Bands
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Estreamz Equine Bands

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EQU StreamZ magnetic horse bands introduce a new technique in magnetism for horses – non invasive 360º resonance technology.

Traditional magnets have been used for many years within the equestrian community often found stitched into boots or rugs. Their pulsating magnetic process has achieved limited clinical support and the reputation in using these traditional magnetic devices on horses is mixed. StreamZ unique low-impact magnetic approach changes how magnetic fields are deployed allowing them to be used for longer periods of time. 

Disadvantages in using traditional magnet devices include the inability to leave them on whilst through turn out due to the heat created by their pulsating effect. This increase in temperature prevents their use directly after competing or exercise, limits their application time and can be difficult to manage. StreamZ is different, it spins!


EQU StreamZ magnetic horse bands contain a continuous strip of StreamZ magnetised silicone, creating a 360º non invasive energy field which spins around the horses leg.

StreamZ revolutionary approach to magnetism creates no increase in heat. Our magnetic horse bands are suitable for use on fetlocks or hocks and directly after exercise . They can be worn long-term, 24/7 if required – including through turnout. Easy to manage and a low cost solution. 

Each pack contains two bands to be worn by one horse; comfortably wrapped around the cannon or pastern bone on either fore or hind legs and worn for a minimum of 8 hours per day. Although worn around the horse leg, StreamZ unique magnetic technology helps minerals across the system creating the ‘StreamZ effect’ throughout the body and not just to localised areas.

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