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Rheva  Medical Band -Aid 4-pack -Kombo
Rheva  Medical Band -Aid 4-pack -Kombo
Rheva  Medical Band -Aid 4-pack -Kombo
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Rheva Medical Band -Aid 4-pack -Kombo

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Rheva Medical Band-Aid 4-pack – Kombo

Rheva is an innovative wound protection that, with its ventilating net and specially adapted shape, provides a distance to the wound and protects the wound from flies and other risks of infection. The wound protection is also resistant to wetness and humidity, while the wound is ventilated through the ventilation in the mesh. Rheva is easy to use and is suitable not only for horses but also for dogs, cats and cows. Medical grade plastic and tape.

•    Innovative wound protection for a natural healing process
•    Protects against infections as well as wetness and humidity
•    Airs the wound

One package contains 4 wound protectors; 2 pcs Small and 2 pcs Large.

Small, 7 x 5 cm. Suitable for minor injuries and on joints and legs. Can also be used to protect stitches after, for example, peephole surgery.
Large, 10 x 7 cm. Suitable for larger injuries.

1.    Clean the wound and attachment surface. Make sure there are no fur remnants in the wound. In order for the wound protection to fit as well as possible, the attachment surface should be cleaned carefully, for example with saline solution. For extra good adhesion, the area can be shaved.
2.    Dry the attachment surface.
3.    Peel off the white protective film, without touching the adhesive surface.
4.    Attach the wound guard and press around the attachment surface. For even better adhesion, keep the pressure for a minute to heat the adhesive surface.