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Winderen Eggbutt  Cheek Sides
CC Equestrian

Winderen Eggbutt Cheek Sides

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Has oval bit rings, fixed to the mouthpiece. Thanks to this solution, the corners of the mouth are not pinched, and the possibility of pulling the bit through the mouth is minimized. This type of cheek pieces provides increased stabilization of the mouthpiece in the desired position, while maintaining its mobility and freedom of chewing.

Recommended for horses: young, sensitive and as a basic bit.
Recommended for riders: students with unstable hands.

Gel Bits System bits are made of durable synthetic gel that’s comfortable and readily accepted by horses and which they can’t destroy with their teeth.

The Gel Bits System is also an innovative approach for riders who use more than one bit in their daily training. Each of our gel mouthpieces can be combined with different types of cheek pieces in order to create the right bit for you. The whole process of changing cheek pieces is very simple and takes just a few moments.

Designed especially for:

• Horses that have problems with getting on the bit and yielding to the hand

• Sensitive horses that have difficulty accepting a metal mouthpiece

• Horses that destroy synthetic bits by chewing on them

• Horses allergic to metal bits

Horse-friendly bits



System of interchangeable mouthpieces and cheek pieces