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Skintact Dressing xs
Skintact Dressing xs
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Skintact Dressing xs

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Skintact Dual-sided, Low-adherent Perforated Film Dressing

Your Top Choice for High-Quality, Sterile, and Perforated Film Absorbent Dressings try Skintact.

Choose Skintact for wound care excellence and experience the difference in quality, convenience, and patient comfort. Trust in a dressing that not only protects and cushions healing wounds but also simplifies the healing process for both professionals and patients alike.

Key Benefits:

  1. Low Adherence: Skintact is a low adherent wound dressing, ensuring painless removal without causing trauma to the wound site. Patients can enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free experience during dressing changes.

  2. Foolproof Design: With Skintact, there's no room for errors. The dressing is identical on both sides, eliminating the possibility of applying it "wrong side down." This feature makes it ideal for patient self-care, ensuring proper usage every time.

  3. Superior Fluid Management: Skintact's unique construction comprises two layers of perforated film with an inner absorbent layer. The strategically placed perforations allow efficient drainage of exudate to the absorbent layer. Fluid is wicked laterally, extending the time before strike-through occurs. This superior wicking action reduces the frequency of dressing changes, saving time and resources.

  4. Versatile Use: Skintact is perfect for managing minor wounds, cuts, and grazes. It is also an excellent choice for chiropody thanks to its two low adherent sides, making it suitable for use between toes.

  5. Sterile Packaging: Our dressings come individually packaged in sterile packs, making them convenient and hygienic for healthcare settings.