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Winderen Thermo Silver  Stable Wraps
Winderen Thermo Silver  Stable Wraps
Winderen Thermo Silver  Stable Wraps
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Winderen Thermo Silver Stable Wraps

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Thermo Silver wraps are extremely soft and convenient to use, they are easy to be put around the horse's legs. They consist of three layers: a modern material containing silver ions directly in the yarn, antibacterial Thinsulate heat insulation, as well as vapor-permeable.      
Sold  in packets of 2 

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Anatomic Top Line

Thermo Silver wraps efficiently wick away moisture, and in combination with high-quality Thinsulate heat insulation and cotton outer material, they provide excellent thermoregulation qualities. Thanks to the use of innovative materials and the high standard sewing, they retain an unchanging appearance and properties, even after having been washed several times. Sold in a set of 2 pieces.

Thinsulate heat insulation  Thinsulate heat insulation is used, among others, in professional alpine, military and sports clothing. This material offers excellent thermoregulation properties – it is breathing, non-absorbent and effectively wicks away moisture, and therefore prevents overheating of the horse's legs. It does not compress and does not move, so even after having been washed many times the wraps remain soft and fluffy.

Nano Silver material  Silver ions limit the growth of bacteria and mold, reducing the risk of skin infections, especially on sensitive horse’s pastern. The material selected by us allows for the permanent emission of silver ions from the minerals contained directly in the fibers. Thanks to this, the wraps maintain their properties even after having been washed many times.
Come in sets of 2