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You Streamz Wristband
You Streamz Wristband
You Streamz Wristband
You Streamz Wristband
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You Streamz Wristband

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YOU StreamZ unique magnetic products introduce a new advancement to the ever growing magnetic device market – Welcome to ‘Advanced 360º Magnetic Technology’ - magnetism with a difference. 

Unlike traditional magnetic products StreamZ advanced magnetism emits a series of 360º energy fields which provide a non-intrusive energy flow around the users wrist or ankle, in a spinning action. This revolutionary approach in applying magnetic fields creates no heat to the wearer allowing the technology to be used long-term, 24x7 and both pre and post exercise. 

Ideal for the elderly, people in rehabilitation, sports people or anyone looking to support their ongoing wellbeing. Simply 'put on and leave on' and get on with your day. The frequencies produced by the magnetic fields will then get to work. In many cases users report a reaction within a few hours, some instantly, however with longer-term issues the benefits can take several weeks to show. Patience is key.   

Remember: StreamZ unique technology provides full body coverage

YOU StreamZ are available in two varieties:

ANKLE BANDS. Our 'original' product for humans, our ankle bands. Now using super lightweight StreamZ material for extra comfort. Housed in a neoprene sleeve and worn on either ankle. Developed for long term conditions and ideal to be used for a minimum of 8hrs per day, ideally when sleeping or in rehabilitation. Can be used 24x7 but many people prefer our wristbands for long term daily use.   

WRISTBANDS. Our latest product and the most advanced magnetic therapy product on the market, our new silicone wristbands, worn on either wrist. Ideal for 24x7 use and to support wearers with their ongoing wellbeing and for people with an active lifestyle.

Note: Many customers have reported heightened benefits when wearing BOTH our ankle band and our wristbands together. 

All StreamZ products contain Advanced StreamZ Technology, the worlds first stretchy-magnet material which is proudly manufactured in the UK. 

YOU StreamZ, every step of the way.


-------------------- IMPORTANT --------------------

Make sure you measure your wrist prior to ordering a wristband and select a size of band which is 1 - 1.5 cm larger than the total circumference of your wrist.
Our Wristbands stretch over the hand and around the wrist. They are available in 4 different sizes and when first removed out-of-the-box can be difficult to stretch over the hand. In some cases people may need a friend to help them get the wristband over their hand and onto the wrist and a little splash of hand soap (used as a lubricant) can also help!