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Hestevard Vitatude Senior 1ltr (Signature Range)
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Hestevard Vitatude Senior 1ltr (Signature Range)

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Holistic support for older horses: 

  • Needs-based supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Supports immune system
  • Contains plant extracts with anti-inflammatory properties
  • Supports metabolic system of older horses
  • Grain free

A needs-based supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, containing:

Vitamins A,B, C,D, E & Folic Acid – to supports the immune system and overall vitality

A source of Devil’s Claw – Traditionally used as a natural anti-inflammatory aid for better mobility

Natural extracts of Monk’s pepper, Milk thistle, ginkgo and ginseng to support metabolic system changes in older horses with natural extracts

Suitable for all age groups and disciplines, but especially useful to support older horses and maintain a healthy metabolism. 

Nutritional Composition per Litre

Vitamin A (3a672c) 1,114.285IE, Vitamin D3 (E671) 52,457IE, Vitamin E 21,428mg, Vitamin C 25,714mg, Folic Acid 2,228mg, Vitamin B1 114,285mg, Vitamin B2 2,228mg, Vitamin B6 857mg, Vitamin B12 17,142mg, L-Carnitine 8,571mg, Selenium 2,228mg, Chaste Tree Extract 28mg, Hawthorne Extract 29,142mg, Ginkgo Extract 29,142mg, Ginseng Extract 29,142mg, Devils Claw Extract 14,571mg, Milk thistle Extract 1,457mg, Artichoke Extract 20,571mg

Instructions for proper use

15ml per day


Contains Devil’s Claw and may contravene the rules of equestrian competition, please check with your governing body.